Homegrown Institute Workshop- act fast!


If you’ve ever thought about raising/growing quality food at home, check out my friend Sarah Gabriel’s series of workshops.  And if you wanna try your hand at growing your own mushrooms, you’re invited to the next Homegrown Workshop Sunday, April 21st.  After Sarah shows how she’s integrated aquaponics, egg-laying hens, bees, compost and kombucha tea into her suburban life, I’ll be demonstrating how to establish a Wine Cap Stropharia bed in your yard or garden, how to grow shitakes from logs and oysters in your house from throwaway materials.  Last I’d heard, there were only 5 spots remaining, and if you order by the end of the day tomorrow (the 7th) you’ll get the early-bird discount of $29 for the whole workshop (this includes a take-home straw oyster kit and I believe, a beautiful scoby).  The early bird gets the worm- in this case it’s a red wiggler happy to turn your kitchen scraps into castings (worm not included, just the poor attempt at humor).

Sarah’s a seriously interesting and curious person and even if you can’t make it to this event and you want to know more about or share your experiences with homesteading, I encourage you to reach her via email at sarah@thehomegrowninstitute.org.

millcreek woodchips

In other news, the first of the stropharia jute-net spawn (how about we call it stroph-net) is at its new home at Mill Creek farm on 50th and Brown.  Farmers Raina (left), Oriana (middle, did most of the work), and Brianne (right) stand before two rows of asparagus, one of which received a few wheelbarrows of fresh mulberry woodchips which will age in the sun for a week before receiving stroph-net.  This is the first of a bunch of side-by-side comparisons looking at how stropharia can help boost plants.  I don’t expect results until next year when the soil is teaming with stropharia and its allies.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this week, folks.


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