Monthly Archives: February 2013

While in Fall we had the luxury of foraging for our edibles, in Winter it’s on us.

In September, I obtained a clone from particularly abundant and tasty flush of oysters which had grown from a downed tulip poplar near Monument Ave. here in Philadelphia.  Eager to test out the strain, I prepared a couple straw bags and inoculated them with our local oyster.  While the bag I tended exhibited the most picturesque fruits, and Brian’s bag showed that the strain produces large clusters perfect for harvest, the students’ bag hands down won in the size department.  Using only a simple clear trashbag as a fruiting chamber, our resident student-mycologist (who shall remain anonymous), coaxed a very formidable second flush from the straw bag.  Nice Work!!

                                                   Collosal Classroom Oysters

We also checked on the King Stropharia cardboard spawn we’d started from agar two weeks earlier.  It had grown out almost an inch, and will hopefully be spurred on by the concussion we delivered to the mycelium by banging the cardboard against a table.  Stropharia likes to be challenged.  Oh, and if you do this at home, which you can with ease, make sure you leave the corrugation intact as it provides a channel for some fresh air to reach the mycelium.

           Cardboard Revealed                Stropharia Mycelium Leap-Off