Will we have a home in Philadelphia?

Last week, we submitted our proposal to Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to build a mushroom facility on an existing park maintenance site near Saul.

You can read it here:

Mushroom Facility Proposal

thanks to Jim Gouin from Fungi Perfecti (whom I met at the Stamets Seminar) for enlightening me with his knowledge of designing mushroom facilities.

Parks and Rec reviewed the proposal and recommended instead that we build on land leased to Saul.  It’s unclear at this time if this is a viable option, as we had previously decided against building on Saul for several reasons.

We’ll keep on fighting for a site near Saul.  This would be an opportunity for students  to gain hands on experience within an important field of agriculture- one which has major implications for the health of people and planet.  We have other options, but would be thrilled to do this in Philadelphia with Saul, the Park, and the citizens of the city as our neighbors.

students big lycoperdon


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