Monthly Archives: September 2012

I used to be an ordinary guy.  But finally, after years of inhaling spore-laden air, handling hundreds of boletes, drinking gallons of chaga and reishi tea, and scarfing dozens of black trumpet omelets, the inevitable has occurred.

Few people have heard of the earthstar forehead blossom, and even fewer know that there exists a pair of earthstar spores nestled in the sulci of the frontal lobes of every homo sapien on the planet.   Once thought of as a relic of Opisthokonta, I assure you it’s not.

When the two earthstar spores germinate, the resulting hyphae begin assembling brain cells into a neuro-mycological network similar to the mycorrhizal mind of Gaia.  When the fruitbody finally bursts from the thinnest point of the skull, visions flood the mind, depicting a fungi-centric utopia on Earth.

Here’s what I saw:

One day we will realize that we need mushrooms to save the world.   We will also realize that Utopia is possible if we work in concert with our fungal allies to restore the planet.

Red Reishi, fungal ally #1 in Chinese Medicine
Like a rotten log yielding its biomass to mycelial enzymes, the broken monetary system will liquidate, feeding the fungal economy and giving rise to an eco-technological revolution.  I saw recycling centers, energy facilities, medical offices, farms, reclaimed forests, and future technologies so far beyond the grasp of my pre-Utopian meat-brain, I don’t have words to describe them.

Cauliflower Mushroom modeling a fully mature neuro-mycological network

A fleeting vision crossed my internal landscape before the trans-dimensional blossom folded back into the glistening mycelial data-bank of dark matter.  The vision was of a small group of people working together to build a mushroom Grow Room at the Henry Got Crops farm and Saul High School in Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA.

Members of the eco-technological revolution holding vigil within the aural field of a chicken mushroom

We will soon be asking you to contribute towards realizing the cornerstone of this vision.  The Grow Room will allow us to:

1: perfect the indoor cultivation of an unavailable gourmet species

2: grow organic mushrooms for local tables

3: vastly improve farm soil while limiting harmful biproducts

4: transform animal feed into nutritional superfood

5: grow medicinals to improve the health of our community

And, most importantly, provide the students a workspace in which they will learn skills necessary to secure the survival and thriving of our species and planet.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned. Don’t forget to feed those earthstar spores.