Mushroom Hunt Soup

Two classes to report on today.  On the 18th, we took a walk through Wissahickon park and found some interesting fungi.  Agrocybe Praecox was out in force, breaking down layers of woodchips with the help of some Coprinellus and deadly Galerinas.  Students showed a real knack for spotting mushrooms and collected a few choice specimens of Stropharia Rugoso-Annulata which I used to make Mushroom Bean soup which we enjoyed as a class last Friday.

On Friday, we took a moment to check on our new Stropharia patch in the broccoli rows.  I was surprised by how well the mycelium had progressed in only two weeks.  The weather has been perfect, wet and not too hot, so the healthy, rhizomorphic mycelium had a chance to leap off of the cardboard spawn and into the straw.  At the rate things are going, we may need to “feed” the patch soon with more straw, manure, and woodchips.  We found a few mushrooms in the field- Panaeolina Foenescii and an Agrocybe which we checked out under the microscope to see the spores and the spore producing cells- basidia- up close.

Only two more classes before the summer.  With our Toshiba grant going in this week, we hope to have a full lab at our disposal for classes next year to take on some more ambitious projects.

And here’s a Ganoderma Tsugae from Wissahickon for your viewing pleasure.  Seems something had already gotten to the tender parts.  The deer in Wissahickon must be enjoying numerous health benefits.


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