Clearing the Land

Last Monday I was joined by Jess’s (Miss Mac’s) sophomore AP class from Saul at the farm.  We spent a good chunk of the balmy afternoon clearing the land around our shade tree, which is overrun by the infamously tenacious invasive species, Japanese Knotweed.  This species is a true survivor.  We pulled up a heap of roots, but we can be sure it will be back because it can sprout from small root fragments, and there’s no way to get it all out of the ground.  We hope that once the logs are in place, they will keep a damper on the knotweed, but a few survivors are welcome because they will provide some localized shade to the fungus.  Also, the roots are loaded with resveratrol (the good stuff in red wine).  If you want some roots let me know!

The previous week I met with Marc Wilkens and Fred Hubbard at the Recycling center.  There was one giant oak log filled with chicken mushroom mycelium and one log that is teeming with leftover oyster mushroom fruitbodies from the winter.  Once the land is cleared, we can start bringing the logs to their new home!


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