Monthly Archives: January 2012

Welcome to chickenmushrooms!

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Things are taking shape for a very fungal summer.  Henry Got Crops and the W.B. Saul High School for the Agricultural Sciences are both on board.  Henry Got Crops is an amazing urban farm located in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia, right on the edge of Wissahickon Park, my favorite hang and a very fungi-friendly habitat.  The students at Saul work with the farmers at HGG to grow some amazing crops which are available through their CSA, and this year they will add mushrooms to that list.  Let the fungal revolution begin!

In the meantime we are saving up for a chainsaw and the truck rental fund so we can begin cutting and transporting logs to their plot at the farm.

We’ve located several private tree yards that are teeming with logs. Our next step is to coordinate with the Philadelphia Parks department to get much of our logs from nearby, limiting our need to drive further for our substrate.  Initial feedback from the city sounds good, and we look forward to working together.

That’s it for now.